sur del easy does it club

PRESIDENT:  Mike Dyck    email
I am happy and blessed to be the President of EDIC this year. I have also had the honor of serving as Vice President and Membership Secretary in the past so SERVICE is a big part of my sobriety. I will have 8 years sober come April 30, 2021.

VICE PRESIDENT:  Tom Richter    email
The Easy Does It Club was the starting point for me and many others on our recovery journey. Volunteering at the club was a good way to give back to the place that has helped so many. I often attend morning meetings at the club and it is like a second home to me. Outside of my job as a Shelter Resource Worker, I am able to maintain and work on my own recovery whilst attending meetings and interacting with other members of recovery at the Easy Does It Club.

TREASURER:  Parm Jhajj    email
Having all other doors closed, I discovered recovery and the EDI Club on Jan 9, 2002. Feeling alone and afraid, members of the EDI Club taught me how to say no to the first drink. Having said no to the first drink every day since, God has blessed me with gifts beyond my wildest dreams, in business and in my personal affairs.
When the opportunity arose to give back to the organization that played a major part in my success, I let my name stand for Treasurer. I have now been elected on a couple of occasions by my peers, the membership of the EDI Club. To date this is the proudest accomplishment of my sobriety. Thank God, the doors of the EDI Club were open when I was in need, hopefully I can play a small part in keeping them open for my brothers and sisters that still suffer.

RECORDING SECRETARY:  Sandy Powar    email

MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY:  Wayne Fournier    email